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Appliances play a very significant role in ensuring that we lead a comfortable, quick, and easy life, free from tedious everyday tasks. However, if they break down or stop working with efficiency, we all know how problematic and time consuming our tasks get. Instead of dealing with the mess on your own, let Prime Genius Air Conditioning & Refrigerating take care of your entire range of appliances from refrigerator, oven, dryer, freezer, icemaker, washer to electric furnace repair, and much more. We assure you that your appliances are in safe hands and will continue to work efficiently.

We have Got you Covered

Regardless of the type of home appliance that you own, we have got you covered. Guaranteeing work and labor, our technicians are experienced and professionals who can deliver the utmost quality at affordable rates.

We assure you that you can trust us with all your heart. Our experts have relevant experience and knowledge to safely troubleshoot the problem and get it working back again. In doing so, we ensure that the appliance is efficiently able to work again and help you in your routine task as if it never stopped working.

We ensure 100% guarantee in the services that we provide. We assure you that once completed; we will leave you satisfied with the quality!

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