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Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing?

Summer has arrived once more. Although summer is beautiful, the heat can be unbearable when your air conditioner breaks down. How can you have fun if you feel like you’re melting on your couch?

If your air conditioner seems like it just returned from an excursion to the Arctic tundra, it’s because it’s frozen, which is a problem.

So, what’s the deal with my air conditioner freezing up?
What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze?

Air Conditioner Freezing
Air Conditioner Freezing

1. Drainage Problems

The following are the primary drainage issues:
An obstruction is caused by dirt.
The drain line and pipe are both frayed.

When there is a blockage, the water flow can be disturbed by dirt buildup, causing the air conditioner to freeze. As your drainage pipes become loose, water begins to leak all over the air conditioning system and eventually freezes over if the leak is not repaired.

The Treatment:

Check your drainage pipes on humid days. Be certain that you can see water flowing through the drainage system.
If you have a clogged drainage pipe, please contact us to make an assessment.

2. Clogged Air Filter

A dirty air filter is one sign that contributes to the majority of air conditioning problems. Dust and grime can accumulate in your air filter if it isn’t cleaned once a month, preventing appropriate airflow. This leads to your refrigerant overcooling and freezing any condensation on your air conditioner as a result. Also, it can make your air conditioner blow heated air.

The Treatment:

Check your air filters every month. Give it a clean if you notice dirt starting to accumulate. Every three months, we advise cleaning or replacing your filters. The best course of action is to change your air filter if it appears to be unidentifiable. This is merely one of several approaches to lowering your air conditioning costs.

3. Insufficient Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels are another sign. This is one of the most common causes of your air conditioner locking up. This culprit could be the source of numerous problems with your air conditioner. In terms of freezing, a low refrigerant level will cause the evaporator coils to freeze over. When you have a leak caused by holes or cracks in your coils, your refrigerant can run low.

The Treatment:

If you suspect a leak, immediately switch off your air conditioner and contact an HVAC professional.

4. Thermostat Settings

Blasting your air conditioner is a simple method to transform it into an ice cube. By constantly setting your thermostat to a low temperature, you increase the likelihood of your coils freezing.

The Treatment:

Try not to overuse or leave your air conditioner running overnight. Just set your thermostat too low during heat waves or excessively humid days.
Finally, the more you use your air conditioner, the more probable it may break down in the future. One of these issues is your air conditioner freezing up. Do you have problems with your thermostat? Prime Genius Inc’s thermostat installation technique is first-rate and efficient, leaving you speechless.

5. Fan Failure

Another problem that might cause a frozen air conditioner is a defective fan. If your fan isn’t moving, is propelling slower than usual, or is making rattling noises, this is an indication of a fan problem. Whether the fan has been damaged by usage or was improperly fitted, condensation will accumulate over time if it is not performing properly. Condensation can accumulate on your AC coils and cause them to freeze.

The Treatment:

If the fan is damaged or simply not working, we can fix it.

Take Initiative

A frozen air conditioner may ruin your cool, relaxing summer, whether it’s a simple remedy or a more significant problem. Contacting Prime Genius Heating, Air & Appliances to schedule a service appointment is the best method to get to the bottom of your air conditioner problem. We provide a simple booking process that can be performed online. Then we’ll call to confirm your appointment, and you’ll be good to go.

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