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Why is My AC not Cooling?

Have you ever experienced a restless night due to the heat? Or perhaps you’ve experienced fatigue after a long afternoon on one of the hottest summer days. The air conditioner is one of a home’s most often utilized appliances. What should you do if your air conditioner isn’t cooling Prime Genius Inc technicians prepared this blog to describe why the AC is not cooling and how to fix it.

Check the air filter

Clogged air filters are the most often reason for split and window air conditioners not cooling, and this is because the AC filter is unclean or blocked with dust and debris. Additionally, it can cause the evaporator coil to freeze, obstructing the outlet’s ability to release cool air. It might prevent the thermostat from operating as it should. Cleaning and replacing filters as needed is the best approach to avoid problems with clogged filters. We advise changing them Every three months. Changing filters more frequently for people with pets could be necessary.

Check the breaker

The second solution for your AC not cooling is frequently assessing its breakers. You must check that your circuit breaker is set correctly. The indoor and exterior units of many circuit breakers each have their independent breaker. Verify that all of the switch settings are accurate.

Check the thermostat

If the split or window air conditioner is not cooling, you should examine the thermostat’s operation and put it to automatic. In this manner, the fan only operates during the cooling of the air. You must also check the thermostat batteries on the thermostat and press the up and down temp buttons. If the temp isn’t moving, then you need a new thermostat.

Call a Service Man

If you couldn’t find the issue, then immediately turn off the unit and call us at 916-800-4007 to fix the problem. Prime Genius Heating, Air & Appliances is a well-known and well-reputed company for repairing and delivering heating, air conditioning and appliance repair and installation services on residential or commercial properties.


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